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Member Spotlight: Rhonda MacDonald (BS '74)

From the moment she came to campus, Rhonda MacDonald helped make history at Caltech. She was among the first women to graduate from the Institute. Over the years MacDonald has continued to be part of the Caltech story, giving generously of her time. She served on the Board of Directors of Caltech's Alumni Association, where she has held various positions including president. She is an active member of the Caltech Gnome Club, a supporter of the Caltech Y, and life member of the Alumni Association. She and her husband, Steven Lucas, have been members of the Caltech Associates since 2006.

What do you enjoy about being part of the Associates?

Being a member of the Associates provides me with opportunities to engage with Caltech's science and engineering faculty and students, who make groundbreaking discoveries and develop innovative solutions to world problems. The Associates also provides me with opportunities to interact with other like-minded Caltech supporters who are enthusiastic about the Caltech research and programs they support.

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Rhonda MacDonald
Rhonda MacDonald (BS '74) and her husband, Steven Lucas

Name: Rhonda MacDonald (BS '74)
Member Since: 2006
Membership Level: President's Circle
City: Redondo Beach
Job Title: Retired director of the Structures and Mechanisms Products Center at Northrop Grumman