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Caltech is among a small percentage of private U.S. institutions that make admissions decisions based solely on merit—and keeping it that way is a top priority. Currently, more than half of Caltech undergraduates receive financial assistance.

The Associates have set a goal this year of raising $100,000 among our Associates community to establish the Associates Endowed Scholarship Fund, creating a permanent legacy and supporting our students. Gifts from our members towards this initiative will ensure that bright, hardworking students will pursue their dreams, regardless of their financial means.

The scholarship fund will continue a tradition set by our forward-thinking members—like Daniela Bonafede-Chhabra (BS '84) and Ashvin Chhabra. Driven by their commitment to excellence in education, the couple endowed the Bonafede-Chhabra Scholarships in 2017, which will benefit our undergraduates for generations to come.

"Extraordinary science happens because of extraordinary people," says Daniela. "Our support for breakthroughs starts with the well-qualified, diverse and talented students."

The world needs Caltech to continue innovating and preparing tomorrow's leaders in industry, entrepreneurship, engineering, technology, the arts, academia, medicine, and countless other spheres. Investments in the Associates Endowed Scholarship Fund make that kind of research and education possible.