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Powering Progress

You are an investor in discovery simply by joining the Associates. All Associates membership funds support Caltech's top research and educational priorities.

Membership funds provide unrestricted support for high-priority initiatives and allow Caltech researchers to take smart risks—focused on making meaningful breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering, and medicine—to improve the lives of people all over the world. After nearly a century, the Associates' collective support has helped make Caltech a global leader in research and education.

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Gifts from Associates have helped support:

Features of Associates Membership

As a member of the Caltech Associates, you have intimate opportunities to engage with Caltech faculty, Nobel Prize winners, JPL engineers, and luminaries at the forefront of their disciplines through a wide range of stimulating events and travel opportunities. These events offer close exposure to world-changing discoveries and trends in science, engineering, medicine, and the arts.


Participate in the exclusive Associates Travel Program, designed for the intellectually curious traveler who enjoys unique experiences and often first-class amenities. Each destination is enhanced by a trip leader form the Caltech faculty whose expertise will deepen your understanding of sciences, engineering or technology associated with your locale. We work with premiere travel companies to design expeditions, preparing itineraries that also incorporate the history and culture of each area. This frequently includes behind-the-scenes access to observatories, museums, entertainment and local amenities. Trips vary in length and include everything from day trips to exotic, bucket-list locations. Select Associates are only available to President's Circle members. You can upgrade your membership at any time to access these and other President's Circle opportunities.


Invitations to approximately 20 Associates events and programs each year feature thought-provoking speakers and topics. Reflecting upon our members' busy schedules, diverse events include lunch and dinner programs, behind-the-scenes tours of typically inaccessible labs and clean rooms, and much more. Also on the agenda: conversations and panel discussions of forward-leaning ideas—from the future of driverless cars to early cancer detection, to quantum computing, to various aspects of artificial intelligence.


Be among the first to hear Caltech's breaking news. Whenever possible, VIP seating is reserved for Associates at press conferences, Nobel Prize announcements, and special lectures announcing Caltech's many important discoveries.


Become part of a dynamic intellectual community. With more than 1,750 members, the Caltech Associates program, produced on campus in Pasadena and in New York City; Northern CA, Orange County/San Diego and the Westside, fosters lifelong friendships and a sense of community among those who are life-long learners. All regional programs are open to all Associates.


Your membership dollars seed high-impact and directly benefit scientists and students. Many members choose to deepen their involvement at Caltech, fueling research they feel passionate about. Your tax-deductible membership dollars support the future of science, engineering, and technology.


Enjoy full access to such campus resources as libraries, Braun Athletic Center, and Caltech's historic private club, the Athenaeum. Special reserved seating is also offered to Associates at a wide range of campus programs, including the renowned Watson Lecture Series. You can also access discounted tickets for Caltech Live! performing arts programs and unique speaker series often accessible via webinars you can experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Athenaeum

Associates are eligible to become members of the Athenaeum, Caltech's private membership club.

A Longtime Connection

The history of the Athenaeum is closely tied to the Caltech Associates. It was built with funds donated by Allan and Janet Balch, founding members of the Associates, and was conceived as a gathering place—a hearthstone—for the Associates, the faculty, and other members of the Caltech community. Since the Associates' first formal dinner in January 1931—held to honor visiting professor Albert Einstein—the Athenaeum has hosted countless memorable events.

On occasions both formal and informal, the club has welcomed the spirited intellectual community of which the Associates are such an important part. Growing only more beautiful with time and restoration, the Athenaeum continues to be an icon of the enduring partnership between the Associates and the Institute.

Global Opportunities

As a member of the Athenaeum, you also can gain access to other private reciprocal clubs around the globe. All you need is a letter of introduction from the Athenaeum to the reciprocal club stating that you are a member in good standing.

Caltech Athletic Facilities

Caltech's gym, the Braun Athletic Center, is open to paying members of the Caltech community, including Associates.

With monthly fees well below those of comparable fitness clubs, the Caltech gym offers several amenities, including:

  • 3,500-square-foot weight room with free-weight and cardiovascular machines
  • Racquetball and squash courts
  • Fitness classes
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Rock-climbing wall and bouldering cave

To learn more or register to become a member, visit Caltech's Athletics website.

Credit Union

Membership in the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union is an exceptional financial opportunity exclusive to the Caltech community—including the Associates.

Serving a Special Community

Caltech's vision and distinctive approach to education set it apart from other major research universities. In line with the Institute's one-of-a-kind profile, CEFCU celebrates its uniqueness by catering to the specific financial needs of this community. With superior financial value, investment security, competitive and progressive products, and unsurpassed member service, CEFCU proudly serves its 32,000 members, with over $1.4 billion in assets.

A Credit Union for You

As a feature of your Associates membership, you and your family are eligible to join. Just visit the CEFCU website and sign up today. It's convenient, easy, and all online. For more information, call (626) 395-6300.

Must qualify for CEFCU membership to join. Minimum $5 deposit and $5 membership fee due upon opening any CEFCU account. Equal Opportunity Lender. CEFCU is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

Caltech Women's Club

Associates are eligible to become members of the Caltech Women's Club.

The Caltech Women's Club's goal is to promote friendship and the sharing of mutual interests. Since 1916, the CWC has brought the Caltech community together by meeting in social and shared-interest groups. Current activities include book groups, an Investment Club, playgroup, walking group, and more. The CWC also offers community service through the Caltech History and Architectural Tour Service. Membership is open to all on the Caltech campus, JPL and affiliated organizations including the Caltech Associates.

Learn more about the Caltech Women's Club.

Membership Levels

Your tax-deductible membership contributions are considered an unrestricted gift to Caltech that are allocated towards Caltech's top priorities in research and education as deemed by President Rosenbaum and Provost Tirrell.

All gifts of cash and appreciated securities are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. Corporate matching gifts are gladly accepted.

Membership Level Annual Contribution (recurring from date of joining)
President’s Circle $10,000 or more
Ambassadors $4,000
Ambassadors (Under 40 years old) $1,500
Unique Features By Membership Level $10,000 President’s Circle $4,000 Ambassador $1,500 Young Associate (under 40)
Invitations to special events hosted by Caltech’s President
Two additional VIP tickets to the Watson Lecture Series and other public events held at Beckman Auditorium
Educational travel opportunities led by Caltech faculty featuring unique domestic and international destinations
Invitations to the annual President’s Circle Garden Party held at the home of Caltech’s President
VIP lounge access during specific ticketed Beckman Auditorium events
15% discount at the Caltech Bookstore (excludes textbooks, photo processing, and tickets)
Invitations to programs and events that feature Caltech faculty, including luncheons, dinners, field trips, off-campus events, and regional events held in Northern California, West L.A., Orange County, and NYC
$5 discount to Caltech Live! special performances
VIP tickets for two at the Watson Lecture series and specific public events at Beckman Auditorium
Eligibility to join the Athenaeum, Caltech’s Braun Athletic Facilities and recreation programs, the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union, and the Caltech Women's Club

Caltech's Honor Code

At the heart of Caltech is its Honor Code, that "no member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the Caltech community."

These principles have defined campus life for over a century. Fidelity to the Honor Code strengthens our community built on mutual respect and trust. It is a simple idea with far-reaching implications.

This code of ethics applies to the entire Caltech community, including students, staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the Caltech Associates. Adhering to the Honor Code supports and strengthens the Associates and Caltech community.

Associates Membership No Solicitation Statement

The Associates online membership directory is designed as a tool for members to make connections and build friendships. At no time should the Associates membership directory be used by anyone for commercial, personal financial gain, or charitable purposes. It is also prohibited for members to share the Associates directory with non-members.

Uninvited solicitation of fellow Associates members for personal business opportunities, fundraising, to join other organizations, to promote religious or political causes, for the distribution of unsolicited marketing materials, or the posting of any notices or advertisements is prohibited.