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Member Spotlight


From the East Coast

Warren Goda in front of a Chilean landscape
Warren Goda (BS '86) on an Associates trip to Chile

Warren Goda (BS '86)

"I went on the trip to Chile last year and had a blast! Seeing a total solar eclipse is a bucket list moment. Being able to experience that with the Associates was awesome. I made great memories and met great people."

From Northern California

Evangelos Simoudis

Evangelos Simoudis (BS '83)

The Associates offers a unique and singularly effective venue to contribute and be part of the Institute's journey at the same time."

From Southern California

Janice Ohta

Janice Ohta

I have come to greatly appreciate not only the personal benefit to learning about the amazing research at Caltech, but also Caltech's role on the world stage as a source of leading-edge science and excellence in education."

From Orange County

Erich Kreidler

Erich Kreidler

Contributing to Caltech provides me with a venue to support the creation of new science and to participate in, even if in a small degree, its translation into applications that can benefit society."