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Member Spotlight: Erich Kreidler

Tell me how you first got involved with the Caltech Associates and why supporting Caltech is important to you.

I was introduced to the Caltech Associates by longtime member Dr. Michael Mann, with whom I share a deep love for science, engineering, and business. In my experience, the evolution of these three disciplines accelerates when you achieve a proper integration between them. Making this happen has become the purpose of my life, and contributing to Caltech is a major cornerstone. It provides me with a venue to support the creation of new science and to participate in, even if in a small degree, its translation into applications that can benefit society.

What do you wish other people knew about the Caltech Associates or Caltech? Or what do you enjoy most about being part of the Caltech Associates?

The community within the Caltech Associates has some of the most amazing, intellectually stimulating people on the planet (in my mind that by itself would be a deal maker). Even more importantly, what makes this group really special for me is that despite their credentials, everybody is humble, approachable, genuine and a pleasure to interact with—they are exemplary human beings.

Outside of your involvement with the Caltech Associates, what do you do?

I lead a multinational venture that provides management consulting in the Fortune 500 space. Our specialty is the execution of large, complex projects or initiatives. To achieve this, we bring in three core tenets: a solid foundation of project management and operations—i.e., the mechanics of getting the work done; neurosciences, which we use for influencing people and driving behaviors; and leading-edge systems designed for mapping organizational processes. Our systems explain and describe the communication, influence, and decisions to provide a breakthrough in enterprise design and governance.

I am also an industry professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Southern California.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I just ran the Great Wall (of China) Marathon this May.

Do you have a favorite Caltech memory, story, or moment?

Meeting with Stephen Hawking during his last visit. He is an inspiration and testimony that the power of the mind has no limits.

Closing sentiments?

I cherish every moment I spend with the Caltech Associates. I am thankful to Dr. Michael Mann for introducing me to the group and hope to continue to be a part for many years to come.

Erich Kreidler

Name: Erich Kreidler
Member Since: 2013
Membership Level: Ambassador Under 40
Chapter: Southern California
Job Title: Managing Partner, KRE Consulting/Creso Global and Industry Professor, University of Southern California