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The Caltech Associates comprise a vibrant philanthropic community committed to supporting research that addresses the world’s most complex scientific and societal problems. Established in 1926, the Caltech Associates’ collective efforts have seeded groundbreaking innovations and have helped elevate the impact of Caltech’s science and engineering programs. Today, more than 2,300 individual members help to provide Caltech’s faculty and students with the resources and the freedom to advance transformative discoveries.

Intellectually curious and globally focused, the Caltech Associates are passionate about solutions for tomorrow and know that investing in Caltech yields powerful outcomes. Members include business and community leaders, Caltech alumni and faculty, local, regional and international philanthropists and friends of the Institute. The Caltech Associates provides support through a variety of membership levels.  Since its founding, members have contributed funds toward over 37 campus buildings, 52 endowed professorships, and millions of dollars in support of fellowships and scholarships.

The Caltech Associates plays a valuable role in fostering close connections among the worlds of academia, science, engineering, business, and philanthropy. Staying aligned with the organization’s original vision, the group continues to bring a broad range of individuals from diverse communities into the Caltech fold.

In Southern California, Northern California, and on the East Coast, Associates members have the opportunity to attend stimulating lectures and other events that feature Caltech faculty discussing cutting-edge science and research underway on campus. The Caltech Associates also provide members with invaluable opportunities to meet, network, and socialize with like-minded individuals who are interested in being life-long learners.

In addition to sponsoring an exciting range of programs year-round, the Associates offers members the opportunity  to travel with Caltech’s world-renowned researchers. Whether faculty are leading an international excursion or a daylong field trip, they share their expertise with Caltech Associates and enrich their learning experience.

We encourage you to participate with the Caltech Associates in strengthening the global impact of Caltech’s research, education, and technology throughout the world.