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Member Spotlight: Beata Stylianos

Tell me how you first got involved with the Caltech Associates and why supporting Caltech is important to you.

My late husband, Yorgos Stylianos, studied physics at Caltech. Our uncompromising ethics and mutual values of technical innovation and continuous growth, as a family and as entrepreneurs, are aligned with the Caltech community. These shared values made it very clear to me that we wanted to be involved with the Caltech Associates, and I continue to fully support the organization.

What do you wish other people knew about the Caltech Associates?

As members, we openly discuss and debate real-world topics when we meet for lectures and events, which allow for open communication as well as higher learning opportunities. A few of my favorite Caltech experiences include the celebration in honor of Stephen Hawking and also meeting Richard Feynman's family, who were in attendance at an event where archived pictures were displayed that showed a very colorful figure, but also who he was on a human level and highlighted the power of legacy. Another aspect that many people are unaware of is that the Caltech Associates are not only prominent in Southern California, but also have a growing presence in Northern California as well as on the East Coast.

What do you enjoy most about being a Caltech Associate?

In regard to my own professional growth, I enjoy learning about the latest developments and enhancements in R&D regarding neuroscience to quantum physics. I am fascinated by the continuous scientific findings regarding this subject.

Outside of your involvement with the Caltech Associates, what do you do?

I am CEO of Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. (MCT), a technology consulting company headquartered in Los Angeles with another office in Silicon Valley as well as a presence in Washington D.C. MCT's offerings include talent advisory services, consulting, and highly customized software applications. We partner with both public and private sectors. As an organization, MCT is looking for ways to empower women in the sciences and mathematics fields by developing their leadership skills. For example, I recently engaged in a conversation with a highly dynamic and skilled aerospace engineer who desires a leadership role, but feels that the current structure and status quo do not foster this growth.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I am very interested in recognizing and addressing the challenges of widows globally. My mission is to continue partnering with D.C., international development organizations, and appropriate U.S. agencies to empower some of the 114 million widows who live in grief-stricken poverty. This is where my professional and personal lives collide as I research how technology can be fully utilized amongst this invisible group.

Do you have a favorite Caltech story or moment?

One of my favorite simple memories is walking with my family on the Caltech campus after celebrating my daughter's first birthday. We stopped at the turtle pond and my daughter feverishly pointed, with curiosity and fear, as there was an endless hoard of turtles emerging from the pond while a boy was throwing breadcrumbs. This moment reminds me that learning is limitless and we are continuously amazed by endless scientific, technical, and natural developments every day that connect us all.

Closing sentiments?

I am excited to see and be involved in President Rosenbaum's agenda for Caltech. I believe exciting opportunities await the organization and I am honored to be a part of it.

Beata Stylianos

Name: Beata Stylianos
Member Since: 2006
Membership Level: Ambassador
Chapter: Northern California
Job Title: CEO of Mission Critical Technologies