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    Northern California members with Caltech alumni and President Rosenbaum

Northern California Chapter

The Northern California chapter is made up of members located around the Bay Area and includes alumni and non-alumni alike.  Many of the events take place in Palo Alto, San Francisco, or San Jose and include dinner programs featuring Caltech faculty and alumni, receptions, a live Watson Lecture streaming, and local travel tours. This chapter was subsequently formed to offer our members' opportunities to build professional and personal networks outside of the local chapter and remain informed and connected with the latest innovation and discovery taking place at Caltech.

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in learning more about the Northern California chapter and upcoming programs, please contact the Caltech Associates staff at 626.395.6392 or caltechassociates@caltech.edu.

Past Events

  • Tour of the Tech Museum in San Jose and program with Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Azita Emami, on "New Dimensions of Sight: Future Directions in Retinal Implants."
  • Live streaming of Dr. John P. Grotzinger's, "Mars Science Laboratory - The Search for Habitable Environments" Watson Lecture.
  • Dinner and program with visiting Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Dr. Kenneth Pickar, on "Entrepreneurship Adventures with Caltech Students, Here and Abroad."
  • Advanced film screening of "The Changing Face of Mars" at Microsoft, Mountain View with Director, Office of Communications and Education at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Blaine Baggett.
  • Private tour and dining experience at the California Academy of Sciences. 

Northern California Committee

Joseph Yang, Committee Chair
Alan Breakstone
Peter Clark
Peter Cross
Beatrice Fu
Sai Wai Fu
Dick Karp
David Larwood
Karen Roberts
Samantha Seaward
Evangelos Simoudis
Atul Suklikar
Tom Tisch