Study: Raising Temperature Changes an Element's Electronic "Topology"

Altering temperature alters electronic properties in a way that previously has required extreme pressures.

Caltech Elects Three New Members to Board of Trustees

Spencer Abraham, Rebecka Belldegrun, and alumna Ann Stimmler Johnson have been elected to the Caltech Board of Trustees.

Bill Gates Visits Caltech

Legendary technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates offers wisdom and advice to the next generation of scientists and engineers at Caltech.

Curious Tilt of the Sun Traced to Undiscovered Planet

"Planet Nine," which may lurk beyond Neptune, may be the reason that the solar system's planets orbit at a six-degree angle with respect to the sun.

Jane Arnault-Factor Named President of the Associates

The businesswoman and former college professor will lead Caltech’s longest-serving support group.

Shapiro Wins Packard Fellowship

The fellowship, for early career scientists and engineers, awards $875,000 over five years.

Engelmann Oak Treated for Fungal Infection

Caltech's historic 400-year-old Engelmann oak has been severely weakened by a fungal infection and the ongoing drought.

The City of Astronomy

From October 16–22, Caltech and nine other institutions are participating in Pasadena Astronomy Week to celebrate the city's rich history in astronomy.

SURF Seminar Day 2016

On October 15, students will present their research at the annual SURF Seminar Day.

JPL News: Building Blocks of Life's Building Blocks Come from Starlight

Thanks to data from the Herschel Space Observatory, astronomers better understand how molecules form that are necessary for building other chemicals essential for life.


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