Turning Back the Aging Clock

By boosting genes that destroy defective mitochondrial DNA, researchers can slow down and potentially reverse an important part of the aging process.

Remembering Rolf Sabersky, 1920‑2016

Rolf Sabersky, Caltech alumnus and member of the faculty since 1949, died on October 24 at the age of 96.

Bright Radio Bursts Probe Universe's Hidden Matter

The detection of the most luminous fast radio burst to date brings new insights into the cosmic web between galaxies.

Manipulating Quantum Order

Researchers have combined magnetic fields and large pressures to induce exotic states of matter, and to nudge them between types of quantum order.

Biologists Give Bacteria Thermostat Controls

Researchers are developing new tools for the emerging field called microbial therapeutics, in which bacteria are used as medicine.

Rolf Sabersky, 1920-2016

Rolf H. Sabersky, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus, passed away on October 24, 2016. He was 96.

Trustee Gives to Enhance the Student Experience

Throughout her career as a Wall Street executive, Caltech trustee Deborah McWhinney has helped foster excellence in others.

Stolper to Receive Roebling Medal

Caltech provost Edward Stolper will be honored with the highest award of the Mineralogical Society of America, recognizing his outstanding original research.

An Alumnus’ Perspective: The Caltech Experience During Wartime

Caltech alumnus Howard Jessen (BS ’46) recently donated to Caltech to help enrich humanities instruction and create opportunities for early-career PhDs. Jessen, who came to Caltech by way of the Navy’s V-12 program—a World War II program through which future officers were able to earn bachelor's degrees—took time to reflect on his experience.

Genetically Engineering Disease-Fighting Cells

A new technique improves the safety of cancer immunotherapy.


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