When Beneficial Bacteria Knock But No One is Home

Probiotic therapies hold promise for the treatment of intestinal disorders, but Caltech researchers reveal why they may not work for all patients.

Seven from Caltech Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Three faculty members and four alumni have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

LIGO Team Awarded Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

The Selection Committee of the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics has announced a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics recognizing the scientists and engineers who contributed to the detection of gravitational waves by LIGO.

Michael Watkins Named Next JPL Director

Michael M. Watkins, the Clare Cockrell Williams Centennial Chair in Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Center for Space Research at The University of Texas at Austin, has been appointed director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and vice president at Caltech.

The Global History of Space Exploration

Historian of science Asif Siddiqi sheds light on forgotten global contributions to the space race.

Two Caltech Seniors Win Hertz Fellowships

Kurtis Carsch and Paul Dieterle have been selected to receive Hertz Fellowships.

Gift to Spark Powerful New Projects

Caltech leaders announced today two new funds that will provide flexible resources to support top priorities and launch bold academic endeavors.

Glitz & Qubits

The Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics has put Caltech quantum computing and superstring theory experts in the spotlight.

Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Graduate student Anton Toutov won first place—a $5,000 prize—at the Caltech Library’s first Three-Minute Thesis competition.

New Chen Professorship Supports Research in Sustainability and Energy

Caltech trustee John S. Chen (MS ’79) and his wife, Sherry, have pledged $1.5 million to support Institute scholars who are searching for solutions to the major environmental challenges facing our planet.


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