Engineers Build Robot Drone That Mimics Bat Flight

A self-contained flying robot successfully mimics the flight of bats using a morphing skeleton array and a silicone-based membrane skin.

Harold Rosen, 1926–2017

Caltech alumnus Harold Rosen (MS '48, PhD '51), designer of the first geostationary satellite, has passed away.

Engineers Create Artificial Skin That "Feels" Temperature Changes

Newly developed flexible artificial skin senses changes in temperature much the same way pit vipers sense nearby prey.

Keck Observatory's New Planet Imager Delivers First Science

The Keck Observatory's vortex coronagraph has the potential to image planetary systems closer to their host stars than was possible before.

Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles

A new study explains the nimble, complex maneuvers that allow the pesky fruit fly to evade being swatted.

National Academy of Sciences Honors LIGO Researchers

The National Academy of Sciences is honoring five members of the LIGO team with two distinguished prizes.

Prestigious Prize Awarded to Caltech Neuroscientist

David Anderson has received the Perl-UNC Prize for his discovery of neural circuit mechanisms underlying emotional behaviors.

Problem Solving, One Avocado at a Time

For the handful of students in Caltech's legendary Physics 11 seminar, jumping over hurdles is just the beginning.

JPL News: NuSTAR Finds New Clues to 'Chameleon Supernova'

The supernova SN 2014C dramatically changed in appearance over the course of a year, surprising astronomers.

Fixating on Faces

Neurons specialized for processing faces in the human brain are controlled by attention, according to a new Caltech study.


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