Taking a Closer Look at Genetic Switches in Cancer

Caltech biochemists have uncovered details of a protein that controls blood cell production in an aggressive form of leukemia.

Fool Me Twice

Julie Jester (BS ’14) wanted to make Caltech history—specifically the history of Caltech pranks.

Inside Look: the Chen Institute at Caltech

Phgilanthropists Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo support brain research that promotes and improves the well-being of humanity

Caltech Program Delivers Science Instruction to Local Elementary School

Caltech grad students and postdocs volunteer at Cleveland Elementary as part of a program called Science Wednesdays.

Caltech Celebrates Its Seniors

Caltech's senior dinner program has become an annual tradition celebrating the undergraduate students’ accomplishments.

Campus Hosts Conference on Mentoring Undergrads

Faculty and staff mentors gathered for a daylong event with workshops, presentations, and discussions on mentoring skills.

Cutting Down on Cancer Surgeries

Engineers combine light and sound in a microscopy technique that could allow surgeons to determine—in the operating room—whether a tumor has been completely removed from a cancer patient, reducing the need for follow-up surgeries.

Chemistry Professor Awarded Feynman Teaching Prize

Alumni, students, and fellow faculty members have praised Brian Stoltz for his dedication to teaching.

Caltech Chemist Robert Grubbs Elected to Royal Society

Robert H. Grubbs has been named a foreign member of Great Britain's Royal Society.

Laser-Induced Sound Waves Provide Live Panoramic Views of Tissue Functions

Engineers use light and sound to peer centimeters into living tissue with enough resolution to see active organs and flowing blood.


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