Friends and Family Gathered to Celebrate Chemist John D. Roberts

The life of long-time Caltech professor John (Jack) D. Roberts was celebrated in a memorial.

How do Plants Make Oxygen? Ask Cyanobacteria

A new study adds 41 new types of cyanobacteria, and helps pin down when in history they "invented" oxygen-producing photosynthesis.

Altered Perceptions

Perturbations in "face patch" regions of the brain affect the perception of faces and other objects.

Inventing Tools for Detecting Life Elsewhere

In the Exoplanet Technology Laboratory, researchers have been developing new ways to search exoplanets for biosignatures.

Panda Express Co-founders Give $30 Million to Caltech for Medical Engineering

Andrew and Peggy Cherng saw an opportunity to invest in their community and in the future of health care.

Caltech Grad Student Wins Hertz Fellowship

Preston Cosslett Kemeny, a first-year graduate student in geochemistry at Caltech, has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2017 Hertz Fellowship

Students to Plan Moon Base for Deep-Space Exploration

At the Caltech Space Challenge, students from around the world will participate in a competition to design a launch-and-resupply station for deep-space exploration.

Parasitic Fish Offer Evolutionary Insights

Lamprey have an ancient and unexpected mechanism for developing neurons in the gut.

Reverse Engineering Poetry

Israeli poet and software developer Eran Hadas to visit Caltech as artist-in-residence

Study: Cold Climates and Ocean Carbon Sequestration

A new study suggests that efficient nutrient consumption by plankton in the Southern Ocean drove carbon sequestration in the deep ocean during the ice ages.


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