GPS Grads Return for 90th Anniversary

At the Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences 90th Anniversary symposium, alumni from throughout the division's history shared their stories.

Cassini Finds Saturn Moon May Have Tipped Over

Research from NASA's Cassini mission indicates that Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, may have been struck off of its axis by a collision with a smaller body, like an asteroid.

Lessons in the Lab

Nobel laureate Robert H. Grubbs shapes fields of science, but his door is always open to students.

Class Act: Chemistry 101

A newly reinvented class gives undergrads a low-stakes way to explore topics in chemistry.

Sour Taste Cells Detect Water

New research suggests that sour-sensing taste cells also help us detect, or taste, water.

Time to Crack Some Stacks—It's Ditch Day!

Ditch Day, one of Caltech's oldest traditions, took place on May 26.

Caltech’s Keck Center Rededicated

Center renamed in honor of former Trustee W. M. Keck Jr.

Chemistry Student Receives Fulbright Fellowship

Gerri Roberts, a chemistry student, has received a Fulbright fellowship to study new anti-cancer drugs in Germany.

Nitrogen Fixation Research Could Shed Light on Biological Mystery

New research could make fertilizer production more environmentally friendly while shedding light on a biological mystery.

Inside Look: the Chen Institute at Caltech

Philanthropists Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo support brain research that promotes and improves the well-being of humanity.


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