High School Science Students Shine at SoCal State Science Olympiad

Students from across Southern California, gathered at Caltech on Saturday, April 8, for the annual SoCal State Science Olympiad Tournament.

Keck Cosmic Web Imager Achieves "First Light"

The Caltech-built Keck Cosmic Web Imager has taken its first look at the cosmos.

Black Silicon Prevents Eye Implant from Gumming Up

New eye implants from the lab of Hyuck Choo are an order of magnitude smaller than previous designs and use a new material that improves their longevity.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Caltech Trustee

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the oldest honorary societies in the country, has elected Caltech trustee Ron Olson as a new fellow.

JPL News: Earth-Sized 'Tatooine' Planets Could Be Habitable

Caltech postdoctoral scholar Siegfried Eggl modeled planets in double-star systems to find out if they could be habitable.

Caltech Athletics Announces 2017 Hall of Honor Class

Four scholar-athletes and one distinguished alum and professor will join the 21 other individuals and three teams already enshrined on Sunday, May 21.

Campus Invited to Baseball Game on Newly Renovated Field

North Field upgraded with new state-of-the-art artificial turf.

DIY: Two Mentors Create Opportunity

The Caltech Effect Highlights Mentorship

The Human Side of Engineering

The Caltech Effect Highlights Mentorship

NASA/Goddard News: Observations Reshape Basic Plasma Wave Physics

A new technique helped NASA spacecraft detect a previously unseen phenomenon in the plasma in the earth's magnetosphere.


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