Neuroscientist Receives Early-Career Inventor Award

Viviana Gradinaru is the recipient of an Innovator in Science Award from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and the New York Academy of Sciences.

Graduate Student Council to Hold Campus Art Gala

Show will be November 2 in Chandler Dining Hall.

Laser-Imaging Technology Brought into Focus

Lihong Wang and his team in the Caltech Optical Imaging Laboratory have improved their photoacoustic microscopy technology, which creates 3-D images of the internal structures of living things.

Caltech Elects Three New Trustees

William Ahmanson, Janet Campagna, and Alex Mehran have joined Caltech's governing board in recent months

Janet Campagna (MS '85) Elected as New Caltech Trustee

The finance leader and Distinguished Alumna has built a career charting new territory

Alex Mehran Elected as a New Caltech Trustee

The real estate developer says he's inspired by Caltech's "intensity of intellect"

Bill Ahmanson Elected as a New Caltech Trustee

The Ahmanson Foundation president says he is inspired by Caltech innovation and discovery

Molecular Biologist Recognized for Discovering the Biology of the Ubiquitin System

The ubiquitin system is a key set of biochemical pathways that underlies regulated protein degradation and many other processes in organisms.

Graduate Students Named Finalists in Inventors Competition

Graduate students Nathan Schoepp and Travis Schlappi have been selected for their work in antibiotic-resistance testing.

Writing Center Expands Tutoring to Include Assistance with STEM Assignments

With help from a donor, the Hixon Writing Center is running a pilot program that offers tutoring to students working on STEM projects like research proposals, theses, and peer-reviewed research papers.


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