Novel Viral Vectors Deliver Useful Cargo to Neurons Throughout the Brain and Body

Caltech team develops new viral vectors for efficiently delivering genes to neurons throughout the body and across the blood-brain barrier

Lights Out: The Neural Relationship Between Light and Sleep

Ultra-Thin Camera Creates Images Without Lenses

Engineers have built a camera that does not need lenses to focus light.

Student Study: Mark Kozlowski

Kozlowski collaborated with Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT) for more than a year to hone a manuscript and then stage a performance of his comedy Faustus, PhD.

The 2017 Library Thesis Prize

Senior Daniel Lim has received the 2017 Library Friends' Senior Thesis Prize for his work on sculpting nanofilms with laser illumination.

First in a Long Line

Caltech’s alumni are more likely than any other U.S. university’s to be elected to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

New Branch in Family Tree of Exoplanets Discovered

In a new Caltech-led study, researchers have classified exoplanets in much the same way that biologists identify new animal species.

Break Through Prospers

Break Through, publicly launched just over a year ago, is already the most successful campaign in Caltech’s history.

Caltech Faculty Receive Named Professorships

Twenty-five professors are recognized with the Institute’s highest honor.

"Hot" Electrons Move Faster Than Expected

Electrons excited by a laser diffuse through a material 1,000 times faster than their room-temperature counterparts, study shows.


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