Choosing a Career as an Immune Cell

Caltech scientists have now identified the complex role a particular protein plays in helping stem cells develop into T-lymphocytes, powerful immune cells.

Astronomers Find Picture of Hefty Star Before it Blew Up

A massive star that exploded in a supernova known as "type Ic" may have been pinpointed for the first time.

JPL News: NASA Learns More about Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua

New results from the Spitzer Space Telescope put limits on the size of the asteroid 'Oumuamua.

Caltech Family Weekend Provides a Glimpse of Undergraduate Life

More than 100 families participated in the annual event.

Symposium Marks 10 Years of Caltech-City of Hope Partnership

Caltech and City of Hope's Biomedical Research Initiative has reached its 10th anniversary and has funded 53 projects.

Picking Fights with Fruit Flies

Male fruit flies display aggression in a manner similar to humans. Now, Caltech scientists have shown how the flies' threatening behavior is encoded in their brains.

Caltech Mourns the Loss of Trustee Walter Burke

Burke, the longtime president and treasurer of the Sherman Fairchild Foundation and a life member of the Caltech Board of Trustees, passed away on November 1, 2018.

Dams and the Damage They Do

Ted Scudder has spent over six decades studying the impacts large dams have on rivers, on the people displaced by them, and on the countries that built them. During that time, he's come to see them causing more harm than good. He's published a new book explaining why.

NASA Retires Kepler Space Telescope

NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope has run out of fuel needed for further science operations.

"Folded" Optical Devices Manipulate Light in a New Way

New technology is showcased in a millimeter-wide spectrometer.


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