Fox Stanton Track Reopens on South Field

The new polyurethane surface is now softer and safer for athletes.

JPL News: NASA's InSight Passes Halfway to Mars, Instruments Check In

The InSight spacecraft has passed the halfway point on its journey to the Red Planet.

Student-Built Satellite Telescope Prepares for Space

The reconfigurable space telescope approaches a conclusion—and a launch

Caltech Astronomer Wins 2018 Robert J. Trumpler Award

BJ Fulton, a staff scientist at NASA's Exoplanet Science Institute at Caltech, has won an Astronomical Society for the Pacific award.

Understanding the Enzyme that Enables Bacteria to Breathe Arsenic

Determining the chemical structure of an enzyme that enables microbes to breathe arsenic compounds provides insight into how bacteria contribute to arsenic poisoning.

Animation Based on Satellite Data Shows SoCal "Breathing" Water

Satellite radar data shows how the ground beneath SoCal rises and falls over annual and decadal time scales with the pumping in and out of groundwater.

JPL News: New Satellite Map Shows Ground Deformation After Indonesian Quake

Satellite data reveals ground deformation following a 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia.

Spacecraft to Speed Through Sun's Atmosphere and Snag Solar Wind

Caltech and partners built an instrument that will capture high-speed solar particles hurtling toward Earth.

Engineers Taught a Drone to Herd Birds Away From Airports

A new algorithm allows drones to autonomously herd flocks of birds safely away from airport airspace.

Program Brings Area High School Students, Teachers into Caltech Labs

Summer Research Connection promotes curiosity, scientific literacy, and research skills.


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