A Better Way to Model Stellar Explosions

A new computer program will allow astrophysicists to better model extreme events involving neutron stars.

Caltech Announces the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Five alumni will be presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor the Institute bestows upon a graduate.

Engineered Metasurfaces Replace Adhesive Tape in Specialized Microscope

A collaboration between two labs at Caltech yields an improvement in microscopy results.

Mapping the Neural Circuit Governing Thirst

Caltech researchers discover the wiring of the circuit in the mouse brain that drives and quenches thirst.

Caltech Observes the 60th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Visit

Sixty years ago this month, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Caltech as part of the Caltech Y's Leaders of America program, urging students to "rise above the narrow confines of individual concerns to the broad concerns of all humanity."

Beaming with the Light of Millions of Suns

A Caltech-led astronomy team is homing in on the nature of extreme objects known as ULXs.

Stars Around the Milky Way: Cosmic Space Invaders or Victims of Galactic Eviction?

Astronomers using the Keck Observatory have discovered that certain groups of stars were kicked out from the flat disk of our galaxy.

Required Reading

Techers share their favorite books and podcasts.

Caltech Student Joins Inaugural Class of Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford

Aadith Moorthy, a Caltech senior majoring in materials science and computer science, is one of 49 students in the inaugural class of Stanford University's Knight-Hennessy Scholars program

2018 Feynman Teaching Prize is Awarded to Harry Gray

The chemistry professor and Beckman Institute founding director has taught at Caltech for more than five decades


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