JPL News: NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Study How Mars Was Made

The Mars InSight mission has successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base and is on its way to the Red Planet.

Andrei Faraon Receives Adolph Lomb Medal

Andrei Faraon will receive the Adolph Lomb Medal from the Optical Society of America for his work on on-chip quantum photonic technologies.

VIDEO: Teaching and Learning for Diverse Students and Scientists

At Caltech's annual TeachWeek, trustee Shirley Malcom spoke about the importance of teaching methods and policies that support diversity in STEM education.

Caltech, The Huntington to Celebrate Frankenstein's 200th Anniversary with Conference

Caltech and The Huntington Library are hosting Frankenstein: Then and Now, 1818–2018, a conference celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's timeless novel.

A Gut Bacterium's Guide to Building a Microbiome

Many studies have linked the gut microbiome to health and disease. New research from Caltech reveals mechanisms utilized by gut bacteria to assemble a microbiome in the first place.

Anderson Receives Neuroscience Prize

The 2018 Edward M. Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience is awarded to Caltech's David Anderson.

Astrophysics Student Selected for Fulbright Fellowship

Astrophysics student Roohi Dalal has received a Fulbright fellowship to travel to the Netherlands where she will study the distribution of galaxies in the universe. The way galaxies are arranged could reveal clues about how general relativity works on large scales.

Butterfly Wings Inspire Light-Manipulating Surface for Medical Implants

Nanostructures inspired by transparent butterfly wings help eye implants function better and safely avoid biofouling.

MACH 33: Festival of New Science-Driven Plays Opens April 30

Caltech Theater and the Pasadena Playhouse to present staged readings.

Why We Need Erasable MRI Scans

Gas-filled protein structures could one day be used as "erasable" contrast agents for MRI scans.


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