Caltech Artists' Works Go on Display in Pasadena

Artworks created by members of the Caltech community will go on display in Pasadena to accompany a summer chamber music concert.

Computer Chip Technology Repurposed for Making Reflective Nanostructures

Andrei Faraon's nano-scale metamaterials have been used to create flat lenses and prism-like surfaces that spread light out into its spectrum. Now, he is using them to create a special class of reflective surfaces.

Caltech Grad Student Makes Ultra-Sensitive Measurement of Deformation

Xiaoyue Ni, a grad student who works in the lab of Caltech engineer Julia R. Greer, a Caltech professor of materials science and mechanics has made sensitive measurements of how materials respond to deformation.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Images are now available from Juno's July 10 flyby of Jupiter's Great Red Spot.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Completes Flyby over Jupiter's Great Red Spot

The NASA Juno mission completed a flyby of Jupiter on July 10 and will be sending images -- including close-ups of the Great Red Spot -- in the coming days.

JPL News: Hidden Stars May Make Planets Appear Smaller

New research from Elise Furlan of Caltech is helping to determine the true density of planets.

Nick Scoville Honored for "Lifetime of Outstanding Research in Astronomy"

Nick Scoville, who led the COSMOS sky survey for its first 10 years, has been awarded the 2017 Bruce Medal.

The Allen Discovery Center for Cell Lineage Tracing

The center is a collaboration that aims to develop new in-cell recording technologies to produce genomic maps of multi-cellular development.

Why No One Under 20 Has Experienced a Day Without NASA at Mars

July 4, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft's touchdown on Mars.

Speech and Transgenic Songbirds

A new NSF grant to develop genomic tools will aid in the study of higher cognitive functions in transgenic songbirds.


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