Designing Computer Software of the Future

“Researchers develop new algorithm for quantum computers.”

Caltech Store Reopens in Millikan Library

The Caltech Store reopened on Monday, July 24, after moving to the lobby of Millikan Library.

Neural Networks Model Audience Reactions to Movies

With just a few minutes of observation, new deep-learning software is capable of predicting an audience member's reaction to a movie.

The Neural Codes for Body Movements

A small patch of neurons fires in complex ways to encode movement of much of the body

Reducing Caltech's Carbon Footprint

Caltech cut water use by 11 percent and trash generation by 5 percent in FY2016.

Key to Speeding Up Carbon Sequestration Discovered

Scientists identify the slow part of a chemical reaction that allows carbon to be sequestered in the ocean, and demonstrate how to speed it up with a common enzyme.

Caltech Store to Relocate to Millikan Library Lobby

Move is in preparation for the construction of the new Hameetman Center

Farewell to the Oak

Researchers hope to learn from the venerable tree.

Innovation Speaker Series Highlights Inspiring Researchers, Technologists

The weekly science and technology talks will be presented each Thursday through August 3.

Caltech Artists' Works Go on Display in Pasadena

Artworks created by members of the Caltech community will go on display in Pasadena to accompany a summer chamber music concert.


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