First On-Chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed

Engineers at Caltech have built a chip capable of storing and retrieving individual photons of light, with all of their quantum properties left intact.

Caltech Alumnus Tapped for Infiniti Engineering Academy

Caltech alumnus Evan Sloan has been chosen as the US participant for this year's Infiniti Engineering Academy, an internship that could help him launch a career in Formula One racing.

New App Replaces Ultrasound with Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health

Engineers have developed an app that can measure key benchmarks of heart health using just a smartphone's camera.

Building the Artificially Intelligent Future

Kortschak Scholars Program Created at Caltech

The Massively Big Picture

Mark Simons is part of a movement to add precise and panoramic perspectives to previously limited geographic observations.

Winnett Demolition to Begin

Demolition of the Winnett Student Center will begin on September 5.

Training a Machine to Watch Soccer

Engineers at Caltech collaborate with Disney Research and STATS to create an algorithm capable of identifying player positions and team formations.

Building Bechtel

Caltech's students are playing a critical role in the decision making around Caltech’s newest undergraduate residence, now under construction.

Pioneer of "Directed Evolution" Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The Society of Women Engineers is honoring Caltech's Frances Arnold with its highest award.

NuSTAR to Observe Solar Eclipse

NuSTAR will use the upcoming total solar eclipse to learn about the mysteries of the sun


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