Cassini End of Mission Celebration

Members of the Caltech and JPL community marked the end of Cassini's mission with a celebratory send-off at Beckman Auditorium.

Interpreting Mixed (Molecular) Messages

New research decodes a language of cellular communication.

Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Onset of Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers from Caltech and UC San Francisco have uncovered links between specific bacterial members of the human gut microbiome and the inflammatory response seen in multiple sclerosis.

Panel to Discuss Impact of Voyager Mission's Golden Record

This cosmic greeting causes us to think about what it means to be human and the possibility of life in the universe.

Sorting Molecules with DNA Robots

Scientists at Caltech have programmed a "robot" made of DNA to pick up and sort molecules into predetermined locations.

A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton

Caltech researchers have received a grant to begin work on a brain-machine interface to control an exoskeleton that could enable paraplegics to walk again.

Farewell to Cassini

Members of the Cassini science team gather to commemorate the end of a decades-long mission to explore Saturn, its rings, and its moons.

Medicine of the Future: New Microchip Technology Could Be Used to Track Smart Pills

Chemical and electrical engineers team up to create a new breed of microdevices for medical diagnostics.

First On-Chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed

Engineers at Caltech have built a chip capable of storing and retrieving individual photons of light, with all of their quantum properties left intact.

Caltech Alumnus Tapped for Infiniti Engineering Academy

Caltech alumnus Evan Sloan has been chosen as the US participant for this year's Infiniti Engineering Academy, an internship that could help him launch a career in Formula One racing.


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