Helping the Blind to Navigate

Caltech neuroscientists combine augmented reality devices and computer vision algorithms to assist the blind in navigating unfamiliar environments.

Caltech's David Reitze Named 2018 AAAS Fellow

In addition to David Reitze, two JPL-ers have been named 2018 AAAS fellows.

JPL News: NASA InSight Lander Arrives on Martian Surface

The Mars InSight lander successfully landed on the Red Planet on Nov. 26.

Nailing It: Caltech Engineers Help Show That InSight Lander Probe Can Hammer Itself Into Martian Soil

José Andrade's work on force transmission through granular materials has helped inform the recently launched mission to probe down into the soil of Mars.

New Study Raises Questions About Salts Near Seasonally Darkening Streaks on Mars

Scientists reviewing data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found a data-processing artifact that, in small regions, makes it appear that certain minerals are present.

Is Science In Trouble?

In recent years, researchers have begun finding that the results of many scientific studies cannot be replicated, throwing into question their validity.

Exoplanet Stepping Stones

New observations of a young gas giant demonstrate the power of a ground-based method to search for signatures of life.

A Conversation with April Castañeda

The leader of Caltech’s equity office talks about her new role and why putting everything under one roof will benefit the Institute.

JPL News: NASA Announces Landing Site for Mars 2020 Rover

Mars 2020 will land at Jezero Crater, an impact basin that was once home to a river delta.

Two International Aerospace Leaders Receive von Kármán Wings Award

The 2018 International von Kármán Wings Award recognizes key figures from the French and Indian space agencies.


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