• Thomas Vidick
    Credit: Caltech

Caltech Computer Scientist Thomas Vidick Named CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar

Vidick, who specializes in quantum computing and quantum cryptography, will be awarded $100,000 in research support from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Caltech computer scientist Thomas Vidick has been named an Azrieli Global Scholar by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Vidick, an associate professor of computing and mathematical sciences in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, was one of 15 early career researchers to receive the two-year appointment.

According to the Azrieli Global Scholar website, the program "funds and supports researchers within five years of their first academic appointment, helping them build research networks and develop leadership skills." Each of the new scholars will receive $100,000 (Canadian) in research support and will become a part of one of CIFAR's 12 research programs for two years.

Vidick joined Caltech's faculty in 2014. His research focuses on quantum computing, both on how to make it more efficient and how to encrypt information using quantum systems to transmit data more securely than through classical systems. He recently received an Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award and an NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award. Vidick also teaches an open online course in quantum cryptography

Written by Robert Perkins