Caltech Recycling Center to Close November 11

Recycling efforts will continue for on-campus community members

The Caltech Recycling Center, currently located in parking lot 12 between S. Wilson and S. Michigan avenues, will permanently close on November 11 to accommodate the development of the north end of campus—including the construction of the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Neuroscience Research Building.

John Onderdonk, director of sustainability programs, says Caltech explored options to move the center to another area on campus, but space constraints and the evolving economics of the recycling industry made relocation unfeasible.

"While the recycling center served the local community at large, the recycling program on campus will continue as before in campus buildings with colored bins in common areas—blue for bottles and cans, brown for paper, and green for other recyclables—and in outdoor recycling bins found at various locations," he says. "Additionally, Caltech Sustainability is working with Faculty Housing and Student Services to expand the campus recycling program to all Caltech-owned off-campus housing."

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Written by Jon Nalick