• From left to right: Alice Zhai, ASCIT social director; Kavya Sreedhar, ARC chair; Gabby Tender, Dabney president; Diandra Almasco, Blacker president; Sandra Liu, Ruddock president; Grace Chen, IHC secretary; Rachael Morton, IHC chair; Amanda Lin, Avery president; Dana He, ASCIT secretary; Sara Adams, ASCIT director of operations; Sarang Mittal, Lloyd president; Sarah Crucilla, ASCIT treasurer; Sarah Cai, Page president; Vinciane Chen, Fleming president. Missing: Noah Huffman, Ricketts president
    Credit: Caltech

Student Study: Leading Edge

Student leaders foster community while honing communication and collaboration skills

At the Overlake School in Redmond, Washington, Sakthi Vetrivel had a reputation for being shy and quiet. That changed when she arrived at Caltech.

During the fall term of her freshman year, Vetrivel was invited to help coordinate Techstock, the annual Caltech and JPL battle of the bands. "Very early on, I got the chance to jump in and organize a significant project," she says.

The experience helped her recognize the major role undergraduates play in leading events and programs on campus. "Students have a lot more influence than they might realize," says Vetrivel, now a junior and president of the Associated Students of Caltech (ASCIT).

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