Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials

An international team, led by Chiara Daraio, uses techniques from quantum mechanics to create a system for engineering how metamaterials will interact with waves.

Citizen Scientists Discover Five-Planet System

A group of 10,000 citizen scientists from all over the world helped to identify signals from five planets orbiting a distant star.

CTLO Celebrates Five Years of Success

Since its inception, the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach has launched dozens of innovative programs.

New Technology Will Create Brain Wiring Diagrams

Scientists from Caltech have developed a technology that allows them to see which neurons are talking to which other neurons in live fruit flies.

Caltech's NIRES Instrument Achieves "First Light"

A new Caltech-built instrument at Keck Observatory has captured its first spectral image.

New Windows on Nature: Caltech's Instrument Makers

In this 2017 address, President Rosenbaum discusses the history, future, and critical importance of the instruments designed and built by Caltech researchers.

Scientists Design Bacteria to Reflect "Sonar" Signals for Ultrasound Imaging

Modeling the Effects of Wastewater Injection

Scientists create a model for the maximum magnitude of an earthquake that can be caused through wastewater injection.

Update on Neutron Star Smash-Up: Jet Hits a Roadblock

Light detected from a neutron star merger is not from a super-fast jet as previously suspected, but rather a bubble-like cocoon.

Caltech Breaks Ground on Chen Neuroscience Research Building

The Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Neuroscience Research Building will be a hub for interdisciplinary brain research.


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