Caltech Awarded Federal Funding for Quantum Research

Caltech scientists have won federal grants for research in quantum computing, quantum networks, and more.

Caltech Unveils New Major and Minor in Information and Data Sciences

Caltech has created a new interdisciplinary major that teaches students to process, communicate, and analyze big data

JPL News: Dust Storms on Titan Spotted for the First Time

Analysis of data from Cassini revealed the existence of dust storms on Saturn's moon Titan.

Caltech Scholars are Charged to 'Sculpt' Their Own Experience, Learning

Caltech officially welcomed its new undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and their friends and families at Convocation 2018.

New Student Orientation on Campus This Week

Nearly 500 incoming undergraduate and graduate students will be kicking off their academic and social journey at Caltech this week.

President Rosenbaum Highlights Postdocs as "Unsung Heroes"

In a letter to the Caltech community during Postdoc Appreciation Week, the President emphasizes the role this key group plays at the Institute.

Custom Circuits for Living Cells

Caltech researchers have developed a "toolkit" of proteins that can be assembled, like Legos, in various ways to one day treat diseases.

Experiments using Diamond Anvils Yield New Insight into the Deep Earth

New experiments could explain one of the most unusual features of the core-mantle boundary.

Caltech Celebrates the Opening of the Bechtel Residence

Additional space will give all undergraduates the opportunity to live on campus throughout their academic career

Caltech to Celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week September 17–21

Events will honor contributions postdocs make to research.


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