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Caltech Associates Board 2013 – 2014

We would like to acknowledge Priscilla McClure for her successful leadership as the Caltech Associates President for the last two years. During her presidency much was accomplished; the number of members and the funds raised increased, the Caltech Associates bylaws were revised, innovative new programs and communications were established, new board members were recruited to expand the diversity and geographical representation, and a greater recognition and understanding among faculty, administration, and Trustees of the value of the Caltech Associates was built. In recognition of her dedication and impact, members of the Caltech Associates Board presented Priscilla with a generous, collective pledge in her honor to fund the Innovation in Education Fund. She shared that “this really is the greatest honor I have ever received in my life.”

As we begin the new academic year, we are excited to announce the Caltech Associates Board for 2013 - 2014. Please join us in welcoming the new executive committee and incoming president, Ananth Natarajan. Ananth has been a member of the Caltech Associates for 10 years and has served on the board for four years. He is an accomplished physician and engineer who specializes in utilization of advanced technology to solve pressing clinical problems. Read more about Ananth, his insights about the Institution, and his goals for the upcoming year as president. More...

We would like to also welcome our newest board member, Bernadette Glenn. Thank you to our Caltech Associates Board and Presidents Emeriti for their continued commitment to and support of Caltech. We look forward to another exciting year ahead!


Caltech’s Strategic Identity Project Update

Throughout the course of the year, Caltech has brought together faculty, students—undergraduates and graduates—postdoctoral scholars, staff, academic leaders, alumni, donors, and our community to help inform and craft, a strong communications platform for Caltech. This effort, which will draw to a close at the end of the year, is focused on increasing appreciation for Caltech and strengthening its influence among the people who know the Institute today, as well as those who should know Caltech but have not yet been introduced.

In personal interviews, meetings, and an online community survey, participants identified the following top priorities and key areas of focus as being essential for the Institute’s sustained success:

  • Caltech's ability to attract and retain excellent faculty, as well as its continued investment in undergraduate and graduate education.
  • The current economic climate and, in particular, Caltech's ability to seek public and private funding.
  • Raising the public profile of Caltech is a necessary goal in securing resources and funds, but not at the expense of sacrificing its small size, its standards of excellence, and its unique culture.

This month, the project has entered an exciting phase, with the project cabinet homing in on the core messages and visuals that will amplify what we all know about Caltech: that it is a unique, leading global research institution focused on advancing science and engineering. We look forward to sharing more updates from the project team with you soon.

The Latest Engineering & Science Magazine Released

E & S Magazine

Enjoy the latest E&S magazine online!

Caltech Establishes New Division of Biology and Biological Engineering

Caltech, in a move that creates an academic division unlike any other among its peer institutions, has combined the disciplines of biology and biological engineering into a new Division of Biology and Biological Engineering (BBE). The division, formally approved by the Caltech Board of Trustees in April, expands Caltech's Division of Biology, which was founded in 1928 by Nobel Prize–winning geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan. More...

Caltech Launched Online Courses through edX

To expand its involvement in online learning, the California Institute of Technology has started to offer courses through the online education platform edX. Visit the website to view the course detail “Learning From Data” with Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Caltech. More...

Welcome Caltech Class of 2017!

With the new academic year brings 249 undergraduates to Caltech to begin their careers of study, research, extracurricular activities, and, of course, the perpetuation of many Caltech traditions to which they will soon be introduced. The class of 2017—the Institute's newest undergraduates—promises to raise an already high bar even higher given their achievements prior to arriving on campus. More...


Colin Camerer, Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Economics at Caltech, Named MacArthur Fellow

Colin Camerer, a behavioral economist at Caltech whose work integrates psychology with economics experiments to understand how people behave when making decisions, has been named a MacArthur Fellow and awarded a five-year, $625,000 "no strings attached" grant. More...

NIH Director's Awards Granted to Two Caltech Scientists

NIH Director's Awards Granted to Two Caltech Scientists
Viviana Gradinaru, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Elaine Hsiao, postdoctoral scholar in biology and chemistry and chemical engineering, received Director's Awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) High Risk-High Reward research program. The awards, funded by the NIH Common Fund, are intended to support scientists proposing highly innovative approaches to major contemporary challenges in biomedical research. More...

New Gut Bacterium Discovered in Termite's Digestion of Wood

Caltech researchers find new species of microbe responsible for acetogenesis, an important process in termite nutrition. More...

What Causes Some to Participate in Bubble Markets?

Caltech research shows neural underpinnings of financially risky behavior. More...

Spirals of Light May Lead to Better Electronics

A group of researchers at Caltech has created the optical equivalent of a tuning fork—a device that can help steady the electrical currents needed to power high-end electronics and stabilize the signals of high-quality lasers. More...

Scientists Find a Martian Igneous Rock that is Surprisingly Earth-like

A team of Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) scientists reports its analysis of a surprisingly Earth-like martian rock that offers new insight into the history of Mars's interior and suggests parts of the red planet may be more like our own than we ever knew. More...

Caltech Researchers Synthesize Catalyst Important In Nitrogen Fixation

Inspired by an enzyme in soil microorganisms, researchers develop first synthetic iron-based catalyst for the conversion of nitrogen to ammonia. More...


Visit the Solar Decathlon in Irvine and Tour the Caltech/SCI-Arc House

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition is underway and you can tour the Caltech/SCI-Arc entry, DALE house, along with the other 20 entries from Thursday, October 10 through Sunday, October 13. Learn more about the project here: http://meetdale.com/ and hear from team Leader Andrew Gong ’12 in this video: http://vimeo.com/68067008

SURF Seminar Day

Join us on Saturday, October 19 to hear the results of Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) projects and to celebrate student achievement. You can enjoy students presentations, poster sessions, and hear the announcement of winners of the Gee Family Poster Competition and Perpall Speaking Competition. More...

Watson Lectures

We have an exciting calendar of Watson Lectures, presented by Caltech faculty, and we hope you will plan on attending. (As a Caltech Associate, you receive two VIP seating tickets and President’s Circle Associates receive four VIP seating tickets.)

OCT. 16, 2013                                  Richard S. Ellis

NOV. 6, 2013                             –        Axel Scherer

DEC. 4, 2013                              –        Fiona A. Harrison

JAN. 15, 2014                            –        Jean Ensminger

JAN. 29, 2014                                    Ali Hajimiri

All lectures are held on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. in Beckman Auditorium, Caltech Campus

Calendar of Events

OCTOBER 10, 2013
East Coast Dinner and Program
Featuring Harold McGee, Distinguished Alumnus
International Culinary Center, New York City

OCTOBER 22, 2013
Associates Program and Dinner
Featuring Yu-Chong Tai, Anna L. Rosen Professor of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
The Athenaeum at Caltech

NOVEMBER 9, 2013
Northern California President’s Circle
Program and Dinner
University Club, San Francisco

DECEMBER 6, 2013
Associates Holiday Luncheon
Featuring Dr. Kenneth Farley, W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of Geochemistry; Chair, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
The Athenaeum at Caltech

JANUARY 24, 2013
Associates Family Dinner and Program - ArcAttack
The Rathskeller and Beckman Auditorium

For more information on Associates and Campus Programs, visit our Calendar of Events online at: http://associates.caltech.edu/_events

Associates Event Photos

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

On Saturday, September 28, a special President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party took place at the President’s House, hosted by Interim President and Provost, Ed Stolper. He acknowledged guests for their continued and generous support to the Institute. He shared the historical importance and continued impact that the Associates make to Caltech, not only through their philanthropic giving for innovative research projects, but also through their community relationships and outreach. Past President Priscilla McClure was acknowledged for her exemplary leadership and outstanding accomplishments over the last two years and Ananth Natarajan was welcomed as the Incoming President. An a cappella group performance by Fluid Dynamics, comprising Caltech undergraduates and graduates, completed a wonderful evening. Enjoy some photos from the evening here!

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

President’s Circle and Provost’s Circle Garden Party

New Members

Welcome to our 2013/2014 New Members!

Mr. and Mrs. Greg C. Board
Ms. Bernadette M. Glenn and Mr. Douglas S. Murray
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hambleton
Ms. Veronica Nava and Mr. Daniel P. Esparza
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Smith
Mr. and Ms. Ishkhan Eddie Tatoulian

In Memoriam

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the Associates we have lost in the past year.

Mr. Tway W. Andrews
Mr. Paul L. Armstrong, Jr.
Mr. Fredrick L. Astman
Dr. Walter S. Baer
Mr. Edward I. Brown
Mr. John C. Carney
Dr. Hollis H. Chang
Dr. Francis H. Clauser
Mrs. Jean Daily
Mr. Joseph B. Earl
Mr. Paul A. Erskine
Mrs. Sylvia Gordon
Mrs. Frances Harold
Mr. Kenneth F. Holtby
Mr. George H. Jewell
Mrs. Margaret Leighton
Mr. Joseph W. Lewis
Mr. Eric Lidow
Ms. Margie Lowe-Francis
Mrs. Alice L. Roney
The Honarable William W. Scranton
Mr. John E. Young

Associates Board

Executive Committee
Ananth Natarajan, President
Lynda Fetter, President Elect
Tracy Fu, Vice President
Peter Clark, Vice President
Priscilla McClure, Past President

Board Members
Jane Arnault-Factor
Paul Attyah
Caroline Blauvelt
Edward M. Boughton
Ginger Caldwell
Jane Caughey
C. Joseph Chang
Marina Chen
Peter O. Clark
Bernadette Glenn
Armando Gonzalez
Alan Greenstadt
Lynda B. Fetter
Tracy Fu
Joyce Hameetman
Barbara Hanna
Dylan H. Hixon
Michael Mann
Clara Miller
Susan Murakami
Ananth Natarajan
Janice Ohta
Karen Roberts
Samantha Seaward
Michael R. Spindler
Pamela Wiedenbeck
Joseph Yang

Presidents Emeriti
Fred A. Blum
Hannah Bradley
John D. Gee
John H. Glanville
Cathleen A. Godzik
Robert Henigson
Collis H. Holladay, Jr.
Millard W. Jacobs
Robert T. Jenkins
Carl V. Larson
Ilene O. Marshall
Priscilla McClure
Carel Otte
Margaret Richards
Elizabeth Loucks Samson
Warren G. Schlinger
Tom Tisch
Elizabeth Tito
Thomas J. Tyson
Kathleen M. Wiltsey
Donald F. Wright

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Professional Team
Denise Nelson Nash Assistant Vice President for Campus and Community Relations
Executive Director – OPEN
Paula Elliott Associate Director
Jerri Price Gaines Associate Director
Nicola Wilkins Miller Assistant Director
Lelia Marshall Membership Coordinator
Ruby Rico Administrative Assistant


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