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NuSTAR has released a new view of the nearby Whirlpool galaxy and its companion galaxy, M51b.
Whitney Clavin
David Tirrell, Harry Gray, and Bryan Hunter are being honored with American Chemical Society National Awards.

I hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful start and

Stephen E. Rogers, Caltech Associates President
Richmond Wolf (MS ’94, PhD ’97) and David Pyott have joined Caltech’s governing board in recent months.
Lorinda Dajose
Individualized cancer therapies are improved, thanks to two new methods for characterizing the immune system.
Lorinda Dajose
Daniel Assumpcao is one of 16 students in the country to be selected for the scholarship, which funds one academic year of graduate study at the University of Cambridge.
Lorinda Dajose
Theory of mind, or the ability to represent other people's minds as distinct from one's own, can be difficult for people with autism. A new test provides researchers with a better understanding of the source of this difficulty.
Whitney Clavin
Using machine-learning programs, physicists have created a precise model for the end state of black hole collisions.
Whitney Clavin
The 2019 National Academy of Sciences Award in Chemical Sciences goes to Jacqueline Barton.

Name: Catherine Day
Hometown: San Jose, California
Class year: Class of 2019
Major: Biology

Caltech undergrad Catherine Day
Jon Nalick
Focus is on early intervention to mitigate personal crises and promote student success.
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