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Name: Catherine Day
Hometown: San Jose, California
Class year: Class of 2019
Major: Biology

Caltech undergrad Catherine Day

Name: Karim Lakhani
Hometown: Douglasville, GA
Class year: Class of 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering major in the Environmental Science and Engineering Track

Karim Lakhani

Name: Stephanie Kwan
Hometown: New York City, NY
Class year: Class of 2018
Major: Physics

Stephanie Kwan

Growing up in Farmington, Connecticut, Alex Wuschner (class of 2020) was interested in pursuing science and engineering at a top university.

Caltech Undergraduate Alex Wuschner (Class of 2020)

"You ought to leave the world better than you found it," engineer and longtime Caltech Associate Allen Davis was known to say.

Longtime Caltech Associates members Allen and Lenabelle Davis

James Zhu, a new Caltech Associates Board member, likes to think that the newly endowed Caltech C Graduate Fellowship he helped create had its origins 1.3 billion years ago, with the violent collis

The “Happy C Family” at a Caltech C Alumni Bay Area party in 2016

Hana Keller (Class of 2018) grew up in Seattle surrounded by a family of geologists.

Caltech Undergraduate Hana Keller (Class of 2018)

Growing up in New York City in the 1980s and '90s, Rachel Galimidi (PhD '16) saw the devastating effects of AIDS-related illness on people close to her.

Rachel Galimidi (PhD ’16)
"This fellowship provided freedom to establish important collaborations across the world and to travel to conferences to communicate my research."
Yanbei Chen with a background image of two colliding black holes

This year, the Associates' Innovation in Education Fund supported Associate Professor of Astronomy Dimitri Mawet's proposed modernizations for the Cahill Optics Laboratory and enhancements

Caltech Students working in the Cahill Optics Laboratory

Sheila Murthy, class of 2017, was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), funded by the Caltech Associates.

Sheila Murthy, Associates-funded SURF Student
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