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DID YOU KNOW: Over the 90-year history of Caltech's Division of Biology and Biological Engineering (BBE), notable breakthroughs have included

Jane Arnault-Factor

Kisha Thayapran, class of 2018, was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) funded by the Caltech Associates.

Chris Lamartina, class of 2019 and living in Page House, was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) funded by the Caltech Associates.

Say hello to six bright, hardworking future world changers—this year's group of Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) scholars funded by the Associates.

Over the past two years of my involvement as your president, I have realized that there has never been a more exciting time to be a Caltech Associate.

photo of Lynda Boone Fetter

Theresa Davis joins Caltech's Development and Institute Relations team as assistant vice president of engagement and annual programs. She formally assumed the position on June 1, 2016.

Blazing sunshine and nearly 100-degree temperatures did not dull the spirits of almost 90 Caltech Associates members, friends, and families who turned up for a sold-out, behind-the-scenes tour of C

Xiaomi Du (BS '16), a recent graduate in biology, was awarded an Associates SURF during her time at Caltech.

Xiaomi Du (BS '16), Associates-Funded SURF

If by now you've heard that many Caltech undergraduate students plan to surf over the summer and you've pictured these bright, energetic individuals are taking a break from school and flocking to C

photo of Lynda Boone Fetter
"My graduate fellowship at Caltech gave me the freedom to explore research leads that I wouldn't have otherwise.
Konstantin Batygin, Assistant Professor of Planetary Science, Caltech

A giant, 2.4-mile-long interferometer that was the first instrument to det

photo of Lynda Boone Fetter
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