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United in their passion for science and innovation, three new Caltech Associates members have joined the 23-member board.

New members of the Caltech Associates Board
"This fellowship provided freedom to establish important collaborations across the world and to travel to conferences to communicate my research."
Yanbei Chen with a background image of two colliding black holes

Explore the science of wine and learn how Napa and Sonoma create some of the world's most distinctive vintages with wine connoisseurs 

Napa Valley Wine Region

Caltech is special. Having been involved with the Institute for almost 10 years, I have learned about some of the latest science and research news as well as the evolution of the school.

Jane Arnault-Factor

This year, the Associates' Innovation in Education Fund supported Associate Professor of Astronomy Dimitri Mawet's proposed modernizations for the Cahill Optics Laboratory and enhancements

Caltech Students working in the Cahill Optics Laboratory

On Saturday, October 1, the Associates celebrated its 90th year at their annual President's Circle Garden Party, hosted by President Thomas Rosenbaum and Professor Katherine Faber.

Jane Arnault-Factor

Sheila Murthy, class of 2017, was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), funded by the Caltech Associates.

Sheila Murthy, Associates-funded SURF Student

Clare Hao, Class of 2019, was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), funded by the Caltech Associates.

Clare Hao, Associates-funded SURF Student

On Saturday, October 1, more than 120 Associates, faculty, alumni, and friends gathered at the beautiful home of President Rosenbaum and Professor Faber to celebrate the Associates' 90th anniversar

Associates President's Circle Garden Party

Jane Arnault-Factor received her BA from Smith College and her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in economics.

The past two years have been as transformative for the organization as they have been for me.

photo of Lynda Boone Fetter
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