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Catherine Reeves

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Catherine leads a progressive, strategic, and results-oriented program that will cultivate, nurture, retain, and expand membership in the Caltech Associates, while increasing revenue. She oversees the strategic development of the organization's events, programs and travel opportunities that connect the academic and fundraising goals of the campus with the philanthropic interests of the donors. She oversees Associates' marketing and communications strategies; is responsible for membership and revenue; and is responsible, in partnership with the Associates President, for the development and engagement of the Advisory Board, volunteer leadership development, and regional Committees. ​ ​

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photo of Lelia Marshall

​​​Lelia Marshall

Coordinator, Member and Membership Services

Lelia's key responsibilities include the coordination and stewardship of Associates member and membership services. She processes Associates gifts, new member applications, and membership renewal communications. She provides oversight and follow-up for individual member daily needs and services and records all financial and membership data. Lelia is responsible for data analysis and distribution relevant to enhancing the depth and growth of the Associates program. With her significant Associates Program institutional memory, she acts as support staff for the Membership Committee.  

​​Nicola Wilkins-Miller​

Assistant Director, Marketing, Communications, and Community Outreach

Nicola develops and stewards the marketing and communications outreach for the Associates. She produces the Associates newsletter, coordinates all invitations and other event communications and follow-up, and ensures all marketing and messaging is concurrent with Caltech standards, and in conc​ert with other campus key communications. She is also responsible for the Associates' website and social media outreach, provides oversight for community outreach, staffs the East Coast Committee, and provides leadership support for the Associates team in their communications-related responsibilities.


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photo of Cathy Axibal-Cordero

​Cathy Axibal-Cordero

Assistant Director, Program Development 

Cathy creates and schedules the Associates events for Southern California, Northern California and the East Coast, in partnership with the Executive Director. She develops details for individual event planning and faculty coordination and follow-up, manages the online distribution for all program and travel-related communications, and provides leadership support for the Associates team in their event-related responsibilities. In collaboration with Megan, she helps to plan and execute the Travel Program. She also staffs the Program Committee.